Week 4: Black Panther

After reading the comic Black Panther, it changed my thoughts on Black Panther.  Before I have read the comic, I only know about Black Panther is the richest superhero.  He owns a kingdom and full of rare metals, I thought he would be the hero with fewer concerns.   When I found out being a king is not as easy as I think, there are so many things that he needs to worry.

In the first issue, T’Challa wanted to please his men in his country.  He thought violence is the answer to all conflict, he thought that can resolve the conflict and his people will be happy.  But it turns out his people are not happy at all, and they try to stay away from their King.  Being a leader takes lots of skills, and T’Challa is impulse and even though he asks for opinions, he never listens to it.  T’Challa thinks working on his own is the best way to complete tasks, but he forgot about human will make mistakes.  Working as a group will be able to get stronger because they can help each other out when they make mistakes.

I think T’Challa has changed from issue 1 to issue 4, he learned from his mistakes and he has changed.  He listens to those opinions which he ignored before, and that helps him to imporve.  He understands that no one is perfect and the way to improve is to learn from his own mistakes.

Week 3: Ms Marvel

When I was reading Ms. Marvel, I was thinking a girl imagines herself being a superhero.  I daydream a lot and imagine lots of things, I would think what if I am a superhero, what would my superpowers be.  I think most people do not want to be ordinary, I wanted to be different as others. I wanted to be special, who everyone can remember me as who I am.

Repeating the same thing every day is boring, wake up, go to school, lunch, study, dinner and go to sleep.  Have to listen and care other’s thoughts on my life and my thoughts,  sometimes I just want to be alone and do what I like to do.  In Ms. Marvel issue #1, Kamala’s parents would not let her go to her friend’s party.  She got bored and did not listen to her parents, she got sick and tired of keep listening to what she needs to do or should not do.  I had the same feeling when I was in high school, other people around me keep telling me what is best for me.  I got sick and tired of their thoughts because that is not the life I wanted to be in, I made some new friends and learned lots of new things.  I found out changing to a new place and meet new people will change my thoughts, when I feel sick and tired it is because I have not met the right place or people.  Same as Kamala, her parents would not let her to the party because the party is full of people with bad behaviors.

Kamala wanted to be the cool kid in school, but she found out it is not working for her.  I felt the same way before, but I found out it is not so great being the “cool kid”.  I rather say normal, stay away from people that would give me a bad influence.  After all being normal is not as bad as I think, I can always imagine being special.

Week 2 All-Star Superman

This is my first time reading superhero comic, I have only watched movies about Superman in the past.  This week we had read about All-Star Superman issue #1 to #6, I found out there are lots more detail shown in the comic.  In issue #4 the comic talked about Superman was changing because of the Black Kryptonite.  In the comic it shows Superman was trying to control himself from the Black Kryptonite’s effect, unfortunately he failed.  It shows he was changing from the chat bubble, turning from white to black.  I like how the artist use every little details to show Superman’s emotions, they use showing more than just saying it in the chat.

In issue #1 to #3, it takes about Superman was going to die.  Lex Luthor was using the US army to kill Superman, and he almost did it.  Superman risked his life to save other people, and the sun is slowly killing his cells.  When Superman thought he was going to die, he decided to be honest to Lois.  He told Lois about him being Superman, and took her to his hideout.  Superman even gave Lois 24 hours of his superpower, it showed he trusted and loved her.  Lois had a great time becoming “Superwoman”, she had fun chasing monsters and fight with Superman.  They met the Time Traveler Samson and the Greek hero while they were fighting.  Samson told Superman the news shows Superman is dead, and Lois will be sad about it.  Superman just wanted to spend time with his girl friend because it was her birthday.

It shows how Superman cares about human’s life more than his own life, he would rather risk his life to save others.  Also it had shows the only person he trust and loved is his girl friend, even he is going to die he would want to spend time with her.  Superman has been a role model on being kid and nice to all humans, even they did something wrong he will choice to forgive them.


Hi, my name is Lilian, thanks for visiting my blog page.  This is my second year at the University of Waterloo, I am in program Fine Arts.  I do not have a major, still have not decided what do I want to study yet.

My favourite superhero is Deadpool, I watched almost all the superhero movies and I think Deadpool is the most interesting superhero.  He is the only knows that he is not real, and he is stuck in the comic book.  I think this is interesting that he will make jokes about himself as well, even though he might be mean sometimes I still like him the way he is.