Week 2 All-Star Superman

This is my first time reading superhero comic, I have only watched movies about Superman in the past.  This week we had read about All-Star Superman issue #1 to #6, I found out there are lots more detail shown in the comic.  In issue #4 the comic talked about Superman was changing because of the Black Kryptonite.  In the comic it shows Superman was trying to control himself from the Black Kryptonite’s effect, unfortunately he failed.  It shows he was changing from the chat bubble, turning from white to black.  I like how the artist use every little details to show Superman’s emotions, they use showing more than just saying it in the chat.

In issue #1 to #3, it takes about Superman was going to die.  Lex Luthor was using the US army to kill Superman, and he almost did it.  Superman risked his life to save other people, and the sun is slowly killing his cells.  When Superman thought he was going to die, he decided to be honest to Lois.  He told Lois about him being Superman, and took her to his hideout.  Superman even gave Lois 24 hours of his superpower, it showed he trusted and loved her.  Lois had a great time becoming “Superwoman”, she had fun chasing monsters and fight with Superman.  They met the Time Traveler Samson and the Greek hero while they were fighting.  Samson told Superman the news shows Superman is dead, and Lois will be sad about it.  Superman just wanted to spend time with his girl friend because it was her birthday.

It shows how Superman cares about human’s life more than his own life, he would rather risk his life to save others.  Also it had shows the only person he trust and loved is his girl friend, even he is going to die he would want to spend time with her.  Superman has been a role model on being kid and nice to all humans, even they did something wrong he will choice to forgive them.

5 thoughts on “Week 2 All-Star Superman

  1. I also do believe that Superman maintains his human qualities quite well, and that they play a major role in his decision making. I do like that you say he cares about human’s life more than his own, because I do believe that is absolutely true.


  2. I like how you mentioned that the change in emotion within the character is shown through the speech bubbles. I noticed that with some comic books where the illustrator wanted to emphasize on the way the character talk by the changing the speech bubbles. I like your analysis on how superman care’s about human life and his love for Lois Lane, because it is people like Lois, his friends, and his parents that he would risk his life for.


  3. Great blog. I loved your recap about issues #1- #3. I found these issues very interesting because the idea of superman dying from within was very profound. When I think about superman I think about this God-like who will never die. The fact that superman is dying from within brings up an interesting point; no man could destroy super in face-to-face combat and thus the only thing that could destroy superman is superman.


  4. Many view Superman to be inhumane and I find that to be quiet untrue. I like that you expand on the more human aspects of Superman in your blog post such as his desire to share his whole self with the one he loves (ie. his identity) and the trust he places in Lois Lane when he gifts her with his powers for the day. It is in this part of the comic that I feel we see Superman’s more human side as he wants the woman he loves to know him fully before he dies connecting to everyone’s desire to have someone who loves not a part of them but all of them.


  5. Lilian I really enjoyed your blog post. I am also new to reading comic books and have also only seen the movies. I agree with your statements about how this comic shows that superman cares more about human life than his own. I also think that his desire to spend time with his girlfriend before dying humanizes him and shows that he is not that different from us despite previous belief. I also agree with your statement that superman is a role model.


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