Week 3: Ms Marvel

When I was reading Ms. Marvel, I was thinking a girl imagines herself being a superhero.  I daydream a lot and imagine lots of things, I would think what if I am a superhero, what would my superpowers be.  I think most people do not want to be ordinary, I wanted to be different as others. I wanted to be special, who everyone can remember me as who I am.

Repeating the same thing every day is boring, wake up, go to school, lunch, study, dinner and go to sleep.  Have to listen and care other’s thoughts on my life and my thoughts,  sometimes I just want to be alone and do what I like to do.  In Ms. Marvel issue #1, Kamala’s parents would not let her go to her friend’s party.  She got bored and did not listen to her parents, she got sick and tired of keep listening to what she needs to do or should not do.  I had the same feeling when I was in high school, other people around me keep telling me what is best for me.  I got sick and tired of their thoughts because that is not the life I wanted to be in, I made some new friends and learned lots of new things.  I found out changing to a new place and meet new people will change my thoughts, when I feel sick and tired it is because I have not met the right place or people.  Same as Kamala, her parents would not let her to the party because the party is full of people with bad behaviors.

Kamala wanted to be the cool kid in school, but she found out it is not working for her.  I felt the same way before, but I found out it is not so great being the “cool kid”.  I rather say normal, stay away from people that would give me a bad influence.  After all being normal is not as bad as I think, I can always imagine being special.

2 thoughts on “Week 3: Ms Marvel

  1. Hi Lilian,

    Great post! Great to hear that you can relate to Kamala’s character, I think as millennials, we can all relate to her struggles. I think the authors did a great job at illustrating her life at home/school and not just focusing on her alter ego.

    – Wilson


  2. I agree with you. It’s an incredible amount of pressure to be the coolest, and you end up being much happier once you find a place and group where your interests and personality can thrive. Being with people who make you feel like you’re genuinely a great person is better than anything else.


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