Week 4: Black Panther

After reading the comic Black Panther, it changed my thoughts on Black Panther.  Before I have read the comic, I only know about Black Panther is the richest superhero.  He owns a kingdom and full of rare metals, I thought he would be the hero with fewer concerns.   When I found out being a king is not as easy as I think, there are so many things that he needs to worry.

In the first issue, T’Challa wanted to please his men in his country.  He thought violence is the answer to all conflict, he thought that can resolve the conflict and his people will be happy.  But it turns out his people are not happy at all, and they try to stay away from their King.  Being a leader takes lots of skills, and T’Challa is impulse and even though he asks for opinions, he never listens to it.  T’Challa thinks working on his own is the best way to complete tasks, but he forgot about human will make mistakes.  Working as a group will be able to get stronger because they can help each other out when they make mistakes.

I think T’Challa has changed from issue 1 to issue 4, he learned from his mistakes and he has changed.  He listens to those opinions which he ignored before, and that helps him to imporve.  He understands that no one is perfect and the way to improve is to learn from his own mistakes.

5 thoughts on “Week 4: Black Panther

  1. Hey Lilian! Prior to reading Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet I was unfamiliar with the character and knew him only as a scientist who also served as a hero thus I passed him of as uninteresting. After reading the comic though my view like yours changed on the protagonist. T’Challa is a superhero who is more then just a scientist, more then just a king and more then just a hero.He is all three. However despite his good intentions T’Challa struggles to balance his role and duties as King and hero. It was interesting to see him develop as a character as in the beginning of the comic I found him to be closed off to the opinions and advice of those around him however he grows and learns from his past mistakes and learns to accept and listen to different ideas and approaches.


  2. I didn’t know anything about Black Panther before reading these, but it’s interesting to hear what someone else has to say about him from the impression he may give on the surface. I loved when he called in the others to help him, especially Storm. I didn’t know Storm was connected to Black Panther and since I had background knowledge of her it was fun to read. But like you said, he worked better with help.


  3. I can agree with this post, one of the character traits that I found so interesting about T’Challa was that human side to him that was a little more self-serving. At times I found it hard to read because the decisions he was making were not ones I myself would have made, but overall I found him a interesting character with unique qualities.


  4. Hey, I agree with your statement about only knowing him as a the richest superhero as well. So I never really thought too deeply about his situations, but the comic did a good job in bringing all of that to light and really showing all sides of BP!


  5. This comic really made their view of being a monarchy and how difficult it is. I definitely agree with the idea that T’Challa changed over the 2 volumes. I think this is mostly because of all the help he gets from family and friends along the way. I am of the opinion that the people we surround ourselves with define us as much as our actions do. Anyway, great post! It really made me think!!



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