Week 6: Planetary

I had never read about comic Planetary before, when I was reading along I found out it was talking about my home, Hong Kong.  I had watched lots of Hong Kong’s action movies, and I found out most of them are about police getting betrayed.  I think this is because in the 50s to 70s, corruption in Hong Kong is a serious problem.   Police and firemen would need to get money before they would help those who are in need.  Until ICAC had established, the corruption problem had been resolved.  Most people still think there is still corruption till nowadays, that is why there are so many movies about betrayed.

In issue #3 “Dead Gunfighters”, Shek Chi-Wai said, “And no-one understands that better than a betrayed cop executed in Hong Kong”.  I think this had related to those movies about cops getting betrayed and they tried to found out who they were.  In most of the movies endings, the good guys win.  Just like any other superheroes movies, justice will always be the ones who take the victory.

Those had reminded me of my childhood, I watched lots of police movies when I grew up.  This comic had reminded me of those, it made me wanted to know more about why would movie directors filmed so many movies about betrayed cops.  Is this still happening in real life? Or it is just an interesting story to remind us of how corruption was popular in the 50s to 70s?

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