Week 7: Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol is a superhero team and the members of the team fight with each other often.  This had given me ideas of conflict when there is more than one person people will have different opinions.  Doom Patrol was created to help provide a better future for everyone, but it seems like they are having more conflict than fighting villains.  Same as other superhero teams, every team have their own conflict.  They needed to work things out themselves to overcome the problem.

This has reminded me of me and my friends, we had the similar issue as Doom Patrol.  We had our own friends and we felt left out sometimes, and we had our own problems but we do not know how to share our ideas.  I feel like those superheroes each have their own problems and they just do not know how to express them to others.  In the Avengers movie, Ironman and Captain America had a fight as well, because they both have different opinions on should they follow the rules.

Everyone has their struggles, we could find a way to resolve it and deal with it.  Facing it and finding solutions is the best way to solve problems, those struggles will help us become a better person.

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