Week11: Life Is Strange

When I first heard of the game Life is strange, I thought it will be about Max’s high school life.  Never know the story turns out to be that way, and the ending is not what I except.  At first, I thought the teacher Jefferson was a nice teacher who would help Max with her struggles, and it turns out he is crazy and kills students just the take photos of them.

I think the whole game brings out the idea of: even you have the power to change the past, those who need to die will die.  For example: Max saw her best friend Chloe got shot in the washroom, and she discovers that she got the power to rewind time and change the past.  During the game, Max has used her power to save Chloe for 4 to 5 times.  But at the end, Chloe still dies.  Max needs to learn of letting go and move on without Chloe.  Max gets to choose between Chloe or saving the whole town, most people would think saving more people is more important than saving just one person; but Max has to save Chloe for so many times, if she let Chloe dies at the end wouldn’t it be “wasting time”.  Even Max has learned from using her powers and she has become more optimistic, she still has to face the fact of losing Chloe.

Max always thinks about her friend’s safety first, even her powers gave her health bad effects.  Even though Max has the power to rewind time, she could not save everyone.  For example: Kate suicide.  Max could have saved Kate if she showed more care about kate during the game, but that will make Chloe think that Max does not care about her anymore.  There is so many decision making during the game, and I think that is what we usually do.

Week 10: Hawkeye

When I was reading Hawkeye, I think it is interesting they using empty chat bubbles to show that Hawkeye cannot hear anything.  I do not understand the American Sign Language when I was reading the comic, so I guessed what those signs mean.

Hawkeye does not want to accept the fact that he became deaf, he tries to afford it.  He keeps reminding himself of his childhood, where he got in trouble and he parents went to school and talked to his teachers about his behavior.  That is the reason he started to change.  Every action or move he does now reminds him of when he is young.  When he was having a fight with Barney, it reminds him of they had a fight when they were young.    They work things out after the fight, everything will be clear.  They were friends for so long and they understand each other very well, Barney tries to talk to Hawkeye about he should accept himself as who he was.  Hawkeye did not accept anything that Barney says, but then he realized Barney was just trying to help him.

Finally, Hawkeye accepted and told everyone he is deaf.  It reminds me of how I do not accept who I am, I always wanted to study something cool like learning all different kinds of languages and travel around the world.  But my parents always tell me about it does not help my future and I should study something useful.  It kinds of making me upset and nervous, because I do not know how to tell my parents about my dream.  Even though it might not become true someday, I would be happy I could follow my dream once.