Week 10: Hawkeye

When I was reading Hawkeye, I think it is interesting they using empty chat bubbles to show that Hawkeye cannot hear anything.  I do not understand the American Sign Language when I was reading the comic, so I guessed what those signs mean.

Hawkeye does not want to accept the fact that he became deaf, he tries to afford it.  He keeps reminding himself of his childhood, where he got in trouble and he parents went to school and talked to his teachers about his behavior.  That is the reason he started to change.  Every action or move he does now reminds him of when he is young.  When he was having a fight with Barney, it reminds him of they had a fight when they were young.    They work things out after the fight, everything will be clear.  They were friends for so long and they understand each other very well, Barney tries to talk to Hawkeye about he should accept himself as who he was.  Hawkeye did not accept anything that Barney says, but then he realized Barney was just trying to help him.

Finally, Hawkeye accepted and told everyone he is deaf.  It reminds me of how I do not accept who I am, I always wanted to study something cool like learning all different kinds of languages and travel around the world.  But my parents always tell me about it does not help my future and I should study something useful.  It kinds of making me upset and nervous, because I do not know how to tell my parents about my dream.  Even though it might not become true someday, I would be happy I could follow my dream once.

2 thoughts on “Week 10: Hawkeye

  1. nice post. The issue doesn’t really have a lot of words for us to go on, but them signing and the use of facial expression was easier for me to infer to know what is going on. Like that you mentioned the parallels between past and present with Clint character. I like how Hawkeye does finally accept his disability, but after the lecture it just becomes the a stereotype. I think learning sign language is useful, it doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your career but it is a good skill set to have. overall good post


  2. Hi Lilian!
    I don’t know if I can offer you any advice that you will like, but I can try! There is a way to spin learning a new language and traveling as useful for future you. Knowing different languages is an extremely marketable skill and can give you an edge in jobhunting (even if you’re really just learning it for you 🙂 ). I don’t know what year you’re in, or how many electives you have, but UW offers a ton of language courses (French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese, Croatian, Dutch, Greek, the list goes on), they even offer ASL courses from time to time if you’re interested in learning that. As for travelling, if you pick a language from a country that is on the top of your “to visit” list, then going there *totally* counts as practice. Alternatively you could look into exchange programs, the global learning certificate, or international internships (I have a friend who went to Auchen Germany for a business internship). All of those options look fantastic on resumes and give you a chance to travel the world.
    I hope I had some useful advice in there and if not then you can ignore my absurdly long comment.
    hoping for the best,


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